THAI ATOM GLOVES CO., LTD. was established on April 3, 2002 by ATOM Corporation, Japan under the approval from the Board of Investment (BOI) and was qualified for all the BOI investment privileges. The establishment and registration of the company in Thailand with initial capital is 90 million Baht for the purpose of manufacturing high standard ‘Safety Glove” with good quality to support export and local market. Additionally, Thai Atom Gloves is now accredited ISO 9001:2015. 
            Since “Quality is our Motto”, we have brought ATOM’s advanced technology into our entire production process ensuring that our productions in Thailand are high quality as same as in Japan.
           The company has continually been committed to improving and developing the finest quality to better serve and meet the customer’s satisfaction. We will always grow and succeed alongside our customers.




Company Name : THAI ATOM GLOVES CO., LTD. 
Established : April 3, 2002
Initial Capital : 65,000,000 Baht
Assets : 60,000,000 Baht
Factory Area : 6,000 sqm.
Shareholders : ATOM Corporation, Japan 100%
Business : Safety Glove and Outdoor Boots
Workers : 97 people
Standard Quality
: ISO 9001: 20015, “Quality is our Motto”


2002, Mar. : grant the BOI approval
2002, Apr. : Thai Atom Gloves Co., Ltd. Grand opening
2002, Nov. : get a 40,000,000 Baht L/C from Bangkok Bank and Hiroshima Bank
2003, Mar. : start manufacturing Paste Rubber Palm Gloves
2005, Feb. : start manufacturing Anti-Cut Resistance Gloves
2005, May. : start manufacturing Press Rubber Palm Gloves
2005, Jul.
: get an officially license from DuPont (USA) to use the DuPont Kevlar® Label attached with Kevlar Gloves, only 1 company in Thailand
2006, Feb. : start manufacturing NBR Coating Gloves
2006, Jun. : accredited an ISO 9001:2006 Quality Standard
2012, Nov. : start manufacturing NBR Coating with Back Protection Gloves
2013, Oct. : grant the BOI approval for new project “Qutdoor Boots”
2015, Feb. : start manufacturing Tsunooga® Gloves
2015, Apr. : start testing Tungsten® Gloves and survey the market
2015, Oct. : accredited an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standard
2016, Feb. : start manufacturing Outdoor Boots
2017, Jan. : start manufacturing Tungsten®Gloves.